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II. Intelligent Control Systems

Tuning of PI Speed Controller in DTC of Induction Motor Based on Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic Schemes

S.M. Gadoue, D. Giaouris and J. W. Finch

Univ. of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Pages: 85-90

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (403kB)

Intelligent Technologies for Energy Efficiency and Comfort in a Building Environment

A.I. Dounis and C. Caraiscos

Technol. Educ. Inst. of Piraeus, Greece

Pages: 91-95

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (302kB)

Intelligent Monitoring of Robotic Systems with PIC Microcontrollers and a Petri-Net based Approach

D. Koutandos

McQuay Hellas S.A., Athens, Greece

Pages: 96-101

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (477kB)

Intelligent Robust-Switching PID Controller Design for a Micro-Actuator

M. Vagia, G. Nikolakopoulos and A. Tzes

Univ. of Patras, Greece

Pages: 102-107

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (899kB)

Application of GA Based Fuzzy Neural Networks for Measuring Fouling in Condenser

F. Shao-Sheng1 and W. Yao-Nan2  

1Changsha Univ. of Science and Technology, China,  2Hunan Univ., Changsha, China 

Pages: 108-112

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (228kB)

Prioritized Adaptive Model Predictive Control Using Evolutionary Algorithms

E. Aggelogiannaki and H. Sarimveis

National Technical Univ. of Athens, Greece

Pages: 113-118

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (324kB)

A Fuzzy Rule Based Approach for Storing the Knowledge Acquired from Dynamical FCMs

Y. Boutalis1, T. Kottas1, B. Mertzios2 and M. Christodoulou3

1Democritus Univ. of Thrace, Xanthi, Greece,  2Alexander Technol. Educ. Inst. of Thessaloniki, Greece,  3Techn. Univ. of Crete, Chania, Greece

Pages: 119-124

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (206kB)

A Novel Data Fusion Approach in an Integrated GPS/INS System Using Adaptive Fuzzy Particle Filter

A. Asadian1 and B. Moshiri1 and A. Khaki-Sedigh2

1Univ. of Tehran, Iran,  2Univ. of K.N.T, Tehran, Iran

Pages: 125-130

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (277kB)

Solving University Timetabling Problems Using Advanced Genetic Algorithms

S. Kazarlis1, V. Petridis2 and P. Fragkou2

1Technol. Educ. Inst. of Serres, Greece,  2Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece

Pages: 131-136

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (125kB)

Neural Network for Fault Detection and Isolation of the Three-Tank System

P. Tzionas, D. Krontsos and S. Papadopoulou

Alexander Technol. Educ. Inst. of Thessaloniki, Greece

Pages: 137-142

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (404kB)

A Comparison and Application of Pattern Recognition Techniques in Materials Selection Using Dimensionless Numbers

J.W. Schmidt-Castaneda,  F. J. Sandoval and D. J. Dorantes- Gonzalez

Inst. Tecnol. y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico

Pages: 143-147

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (301kB)

III. Robotics

A Controller for Changing the Yaw Direction of an Underactuated Unicycle Robot

S. Majima and T. Kasai

Univ. of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

Pages: 148-153

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (490kB)

Modelling and Interfacing Remote Virtual Robots

Z. Doulgeri, N. Zikos and A. Delopoulos

Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece

Pages: 154-159

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (8494kB)

Controlling the Loop-Gain for Robust Adaptive Control of a Mechatronic System

C. Westermaier, H. Schuster and D. Schroeder

Technical Univ. of Munich, Germany

Pages: 160-165

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (196kB)

Optimal Kinodynamic Planning for Autonomous Vehicles

S. Vougioukas

Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece

Pages: 166-171

Abstract | Full Text: PDF (665kB)



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