Automatic Control and Systems Modeling

System identification

Optimization in control systems

Optimal control

Adaptive control

Non-linear control

Hybrid dynamical systems

Petri nets

Hierarchical control

Discrete event systems

Information-based models for control

Distributed control systems

System modeling, simulation and architectures



Robot design, development and control

Human-robots interfaces

Haptic devices

Robotic teams

Mobile robot localization, navigation and mapping

Space, underwater and inspection robots

Intelligent transportation technologies

Vehicle control applications

Telerobotics and telematics

Virtual reality

Mechatronic systems

Vision, recognition and reconstruction


Intelligent Control Systems

Decision support systems

Expert systems for industry

Intelligent fault detection and identification

Knowledge-based systems applications

Machine learning in control applications

Neural networks based control systems

Fuzzy control

Intelligent control agents

Genetic algorithms

Evolutionary computation

Biologically inspired control systems


Automation, Instrumentation and Measurements

Industrial networks and automation


Real-time systems control

Environmental monitoring and control

Process control


Flexible manufacturing systems

Web-based control

Computer and microprocessor-based control

Actuators and sensors

Instrumentation networks and software

Motor control and power systems

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Signal and Image Processing

Filter design theory and applications

Time-frequency analysis

Adaptive filters 

Signal and system modeling

Signal detection and estimation


Multimedia signal processing

Multidimensional signal processing

Medical signal/image Processing

Image/Video coding and transmission

Image/Video processing and analysis